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R3000D - HV

Truck Mounted Road Vacuum Sweeping Machine Model R3000D HV

Dry Sweeping System:- R3000D HV is a water less sweeper and does not require water while sweeping roads. The sweeping head is designed to clean fine dust and other kind of material like stone etc. without producing dust in cement and steel industry.
High Vacuum System for stationary application:- Machine is equipped  with high vacuum roots blower system to produce Vacuum in long distance hose up to 100 meters for cleaning hard to reach areas In plant. This feature enable machine to clean deep pits and high vertical reaches with Centralized vacuum system.
Electric Drive Provision :- Machine is equipped with an electric motor, drive on roots blower system to work in stationary position. This enables machine to perform without use of diesel and work on electric power by plug in at power sockets.
Features And Technical Specifications
Model R3000D HV
Sweeping System Dry / Wet Available
Sweeping Capacity 30000 Sq.Mt.(Including Side Brushes )
Sweeping Speed 1 -10 Km/ Hr
Working Width 3000 Mm
Hopper Capacity 6 Cu. Mt
Auxiliary Engine Power Kirloskar 169 BHP@2200 RPM
No. Of Brushes 2 Side Brushes, 1 Horizontal ( We Also Provide Side Brushes At Front Of Chassis On Special Demand)

Specifications are subjected to change without notice due to regular research & development:

R3000D - HV

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