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Dumper Placer

Dumper Placer System

The Dumper Placer is aptly made to place garbage container of 1.0 - 4.0 m3 capacity on mini truck or trolley


Consists of stabilizer and lifting & lowering arms which are operated by hydraulic cylinders. For lifting and lowering, 4 chains on 2 arms are used whereas dumping is conducted by engaging additional 2 chains at lower pins while lowering. It comprises of one stabilizer roller that arrests overturning of truck while loading the container

Salient Features :-

  • It is powered by PTO of truck gear box by universal shaft
  • Have manually operated direction control valves
  • Facilitates convenient speedy method to remove garbage
  • Cost effective and economical

Advantage › Hydraulic Dumper Placer :-

  • It is very easy to use equipment and is also fast to operate with less number of individuals involved in the process
  • The equipment is designed in a way that it can be easily mounted upon dumper, tractor, truck for easy dumping on the ground or in other vehicles or containers
  • It has hydraulic cylinders attached in it for dumping the material on the ground make the Whole process effortless.
  • Equipment is quick in operation and is maintenance free

Specifications are subjected to change without notice due to regular research & development:

Dumper Placer

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