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Truck Mounted Sewer Cleaning Machine With High Pressure Water Jetting Systen For De-Silting Of Trunk Sewer Pipelines / Open Drains

The Machine is a Heavy Duty Vacuum Loader. The machine is self-contained in all aspects and is suitable for suctioning free flowing Sludge and Slurry in conjunction with Truck Mounted Cyclonic Containers. The above machine is one of the most efficient and powerful machine of its kind available in the International Market, incorporating state of Art Filter Systems, Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump and control Systems. The offered machine has the following features:

Vacuum Pump System

The Vacuum Pump System incorporates an Air-cooled Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump developing an air handing capacity of minimum 4000 M3/Hr and capable of achieving maximum vacuum upto 8000 MM (watercolumn) during suction. This vacuum pump is driven by a separate dieselengine mounted on the machine skid.

The entire assembly is mounted on a frame with vibration dampers.


Type: Positive Displacement Vacuum PumpMake :Jurop
Cooling Arrangement: Air cooled
Air Handling Capacity: 4000 M3/Hr.
Maximum Vacuum: 80% Vacuum

Cyclonic Separation Chamber

The Vacuum Loader has an In-built Cyclonic Separation Chamber.

Filter System

The machine incorporates two filtration stages:
Stage -I - High Efficiency Cyclonic Separator
Stage-II - High Performance Cartridge Filters with Automatic
Cleaning System with Reverse Compressed Air Jet Blowing.

Diesel Engine

The Vacuum Pump is driven by an Auxiliary Diesel Engine rated at 125 HP Make Kirloskar.The diesel engine is naturally aspirated and is water-cooled with directinjection four strokes in line cylinders. The diesel engine is with allnecessary standard accessories like fuel tank, fuel filter for feed pumpsuction line, instrument panel with RPM indicator-cum-hours counter,ammeter, starter button, oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge.

The radiator is industrial type with Air blast, heavy-duty type air cleaners.The diesel engine has all standard features/protections, which are requiredin the satisfactory operation and performance of the Machine.

Technical Details Of Auxiliary Engine

Engine: Diesel Engine
Make: Ashok Leyland / TATA / CUMMINS/ KIRLOSKAR
Maximum Rating: 125 HP @1500 RPM (Approx.)
Cooling: Water cooled

Drive System For Vacuum Pump

The Vacuum Pump is driven by the Diesel Engine through V-belt drivearrangement. A special Power Take off Unit is installed on the Diesel Enginefly wheel housing. For operating the Vacuum Pump, this PTO Unit has to beactuated. The installation of this special PTO Unit is essential as the Diesel Engine maintenance can be carried out without the need to dismantle the V belt.This is possible as in disengaged position of PTO Unit, Diesel Enginecan be operated without any movement of the V-belt Transmission Systemand the maintenance of the Diesel Engine can be carried out.

Compressed Air System

The machine has in-built Air Compressor with requisite capacities to meetcompressed air requirements for different systems. The Compressed AirSystem incorporates air receivers, solenoid valves with timer arrangements,purging systems etc. The controls are PLC controlled with the help of aMicroprocessor.

Machine Body

The entire body of the machine chamber is with sound proofing cover andwith facility for locking arrangements.


Following Accessories are provided with the Machine.
- 200 NB, 7.5 M Long Connection Hose
- 150 NB, 30 M Suction Hose with Fluidizing Nozzle.

High Pressure Jetting System

The High Pressure Jetting System comprises of the following:-

DRIVE SYSTEM FOR THE HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING PUMP The Engine of the Truck Chassis is utilized to drive The High Pressure WaterJetting Pump through a specially designed Intermediate Gearbox installedbetween the vehicle Gearbox and the differential to provide power to theHigh Pressure Jetting Pump.


The High Pressure Jetting Pump is a heavy duty positive displacement triplex Reciprocating plunger type pump having rated discharge capacity of 240 LPM And rated pressure of upto 140 bar. The pump is capable of higher Discharge capacity as well as pressure rating.

Technical Details Of High Pressure Jetting Pump

Type: Positive Displacement Reciprocating Plunger Pump, Make Prattsoli
Discharge Capacity: 200 LPM
Rated Pressure: 140 Bar
Over Pressure Safety Valve
Pressure Regulator Un loader Valve
Water Filter at pump inlet

Water Tank

Water requirements for High Pressure Jetting will be from external watertank of minimum 4,000 Ltrs. depending on the wheel base of the chassis. Thewater tank can be further fed with water from separate water Tankers havingclean water.

Jetting Hose And Reel Drum

The jetting hose shall be of dia. 25 mm and length 120 Mtrs. This equipment is one of the most important and essential components of de-silting operation.We have ensured that the Jetting Hose Drum is ideally located at the rear endof the equipment for Operator comfort to operate the system. The Operatorcan easily supervise and control the movement of Suction Nozzles bywinding/unwinding the drum with the help of Hydraulic Motor. For thispurpose, Control Hand Levers are provided on the convenient location. Alsothe Operator can control the speed of the Jetting Pump besides monitoring thewater pressure and vacuum pump suction ratings.

We are using high energy efficient nozzles imported from Italy. Further,Jetting Hose Guide supports are provided at the manhole entrance as well asat the sewer line inlet. This ensures that the movement of the hose is smoothand hose is not damaged by rubbing at edges.

High Pressure Jetting Nozzle

A set of Three Nozzles will be provided.

Truck Chassis (By Client)

The machine is suitable to be mounted on 3 axle truck chassis of 25 TonsGVW BS–IV with Driver’s Cabin and PTO of Ashok Leyland/TATA/Eicher orequivalent.

Specifications are subjected to change without notice due to regular research & development:

Super Sucker

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