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Ballistic Separator


Three Fractions for a Single Machine with Over 90% Sort Quality:-

The ballistic separator is Suitable for sorting Municipal Waste .Machine is designed for sorting of Bio-degradable and non bio-degradable Solid of Waste. Which are sorted to RDF, Soil and Raw material for Manure

Design Features :-

Paddles are fabricated from steel for long serviceLife of the Minimal Wear System design creates a consistent Sort, Quality Over the life of the machine. Economic Crank shaft with rugged Easily Replaceable Bearings makes design easy to service &maintain. Low overall height with a nominal operating angle of 13 to 15 degrees.


Higher Throughputs design with Multiple Machines.
Low Maintenance and operating costs.

Throughput and sort- Quality minimally affected by wet material or cold weather. Effective Separation of Baled single stream material .paddles designed to cut open Closed the Poly Bags.

Ballistics Separator Principles of Operation :-

The Ballistic Separator angle can be adjusted to improve material,Separation andallow for changes in the input material.

The Ballistic Separator works on the principal that the flat cardboard, Paper and plastic film will carry over the top of the paddles to the front of the machine. Rigid and three dimensioned plastic and metal containers will roll down the peddles and exit at the back of the machine.

The third fraction sorted by the Ballistic Separator will fall through the sieve mesh of the paddles. This material is nominally soil sand and minus 2 inch sizing to ensure normal loss of recyclables. (Other sieve mesh sizes available)

Model Descriptions :-

HT Model:  Suitable for Sorting solid waste Cardboard paper plastics and light weight packaging under 5% glass content. The HT Ballistics separator is ideal for the separation of card board. Paper and plastic film from plastic and metal containers. The third sorted fraction of glass and small material can be adjusted with sieve mesh sizing form 1 to 3 inches.

Drive Motor :-

3 phase 15 H.P Motor for each stage with heavy duty speed reduction gears.

Control Panel :-

Independent control panel for each stage with over load protection system.

Specifications are subjected to change without notice due to regular research & development:

Ballistic Separator

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